NCAT commenced operating on 1 January 2014, replacing the following State’s existing Tribunals.

• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Tribunal
• Aboriginal Land Councils Pecuniary Interest and Disciplinary Tribunal
• Administrative Decisions Tribunal
• Charity Referees
• Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
• Dental Tribunal
• Guardianship Tribunal
• Chinese Medicine Tribunal
• Chiropractic Tribunal
• Medical Radiation Practice Tribunal
• Medical Tribunal
• Nursing and Midwifery Tribunal
• Occupational Therapy Tribunal
• Optometry Tribunal
• Osteopathy Tribunal
• Pharmacy Tribunal
• Physiotherapy Tribunal
• Podiatry Tribunal
• Psychology Tribunal
• Local Government Pecuniary Interest and Disciplinary Tribunal
• Local Land Boards
• Victims Compensation Tribunal (transferred into the ADT in June 2013)
• Vocational Training Appeals Panel

Note that if you lodged an application with one of the existing tribunals above before 1 January 2014, the application does not have to be re-lodged at NCAT.

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