NECA Legal Webinar Session 3: 5 Key Clauses in Construction Contracts which require to reduce your firm’s exposure

2 June 2021

How you negotiate the 5 Key Clauses in a Construction Contract will determine the risk your business has to carry during and after a project. Explore the 5 key clauses of a Construction Contract and the role they play in protecting or watering down your rights in relation to the party with whom you are contracting. Should a major project go wrong, as often happens, the manner in which these clauses have been drafted could be the difference between your business suffering major losses or not. The webinar references the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (TAS).

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NECA Legal Webinar Session 2: Your Rights and Obligations as an employer under the Electrical Award and the NES

17 May 2021

The rights and obligations of an Electrical Worker and their Employer can be quite overwhelming to comprehend and understand. The webinar will clarify these through a discussion on the 10 National Employment Standards and their application to different types of employment and the Electrical Award. The webinar references the Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award 2020 and the National Employment Standards.

NECA Legal Webinar Session 1: A Guide to assist Employers with Termination of Employment

30 April 2021
Ending an employee’s employment within your business is an extremely delicate and complex undertaking. The webinar will go a long way in assisting you in getting it right and highlights some of the pitfalls you may face when dealing with this difficult and often unpleasant task. The webinar references the Fair Work Act 2009 (CTH).

Learn How to Enforce a Judgement Debt against a debtor

8 December 2020
After receiving a Court judgement that orders a debtor to pay you money, this does not always mean that you will be paid. In many cases, after receipt of the judgement, most creditors still need to take further steps to ensure they are paid. Marina Galatoulas, Solicitor at CTI Lawyers, will discuss the steps involved and provide an understanding of how to enforce a Judgement Debt. If you want to collect any monies owed to you before the end of the year, then this watch the webinar. For more information or assistance, contact 1300 361 099 or email [email protected]

5 Key Contract Clauses for Contractors When Negotiating Contracts

5 November 2020
In this webinar, Jacques Nel from CTI Lawyers will discuss the 5 Key Clauses for contractors when negotiating contracts. Key takeaways include: 1. Security and recourse to security; 2. Risk of errors, ambiguities and inconsistencies in contract documentation 3. Delays and extension of time; 4. Liquidated damages and delay costs. For more information contact CTI Lawyers on 1300 361 099 or email [email protected]

Debt Recovery for Electrical Contracting Business

2 October 2020
There have been a number of building companies recently not paying subcontractors. Many of these subcontractors now or in the future will face financial difficulties from not getting paid the money they are owed. If this sounds like you, then watch the CTI Lawyers webinar on Debt Recovery for Electrical Contracting Businesses. For advice or more information, get in touch with CTI Lawyers on 1300 361 099 or email [email protected]

Security of Payment Webinar

19 August 2019
The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Amendment Act 2018 and the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Amendment Regulation 2019 commences on 21 October 2019. NECA Legal Solicitor Lauren Howe outlines the new laws affecting electrical contractors in NSW. For more information or clarification, contact the NECA office on 1300 361 099.

NSW Security of Payment Legislation Webinar

7 August 2019
Lauren Howe, Senior Associate at NECA Legal will be presenting a webinar on Wednesday 14 August 2019 discussing the Amendments to the Security of Payment Legislation which commences on 21 October 2019. If you are unsure about these new laws, NECA encourages you to join our free webinar. To register to the webinar, click here.

Security of Payment Webinar Series 4: Adjudication

10 March 2019

The webinar, presented by Jacques Nel, Senior Solicitor NECA Legal, discusses timing requirements for Adjudication Applications; Form Requirements for Adjudication Applications and Adjudication Responses; Complex Adjudication Applications – Claims above $750,000; Adjudcator’s Fees and Adjudication Application -Tips and Traps.

Security of Payment Webinar Series 3: Payment Schedules

13 February 2019

The webinar, presented by Jacques Nel, Senior Solicitor NECA Legal, discusses requirements for valid Payment Schedules; changes to time limits for Payment Schedules; consequences of failure to serve a Payment Schedule; Penalties and Payment Schedule – Tips and Traps.

Payment Claims in QLD

7 February 2019

The QLD Government has indicated that the security of payment provisions of the Building and Construction Industry Fairness (Security of Payment ) Act 2017 will commence on 17 December 2018. NECA Legal Solicitor, Jacques Nel, has put together a webinar on Payment Claims, which focuses on: Requirements for valid Payment Schedules; Identifying the correct reference date; due date for payment; What happens if no Payment Schedule is served? and Payment Claims – Tips and Traps.

Overview of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017

10 December 2018

The Security of Payment provisions of the Building and Construction Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 commenced on 17 December 2018. The webinar covers: new requirements for valid Payment Claims under BIF; Pros and Cons of the removal of the endorsement requirement; requirements for valid Payment Schedules; changes to time limits for Adjudication Applications and Adjudication Responses; Penalties and limits to Adjudicators’ Fees, as well as tips to ensure that your business is not caught out.

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