One of the principal objectives of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 is to promote and improve gender equality in employment and in the workplace.

All non-public sector employers with 100 or more staff must submit a report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (the “WGEA”) between 1 April and 31 May each year for the preceding 12 month period.

Relevant employers are required to report against a set of standardised Gender Equality Indicators (‘GEI’s’). The specific matters for each GEI are set by the Minister in consultation with the WGEA.

There is a new requirement this year to provide rates of promotion and resignation, broken down by gender. Relevant employers with more than 100 employees will be required to provide data on appointments, promotions and resignations by gender (including the number of employees who ceased employment during a period of parental leave).

The WGEA Director says the new data will help to identify the cause of workplace discrimination that lead to gender pay gaps and fewer woman in management roles. The new obligations coincide with the cessation of reporting requirements for salaries of Chief Executives and data on independent contractors.

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