Keeping a solid check on your workers’ performance and conduct is imperative to safeguard your business reputation. If you ignore the disciplinary misconduct of your employees and turn a blind eye to their unlawful actions, your business will ultimately lose the competition; something you hardly need in today’s competitive landscape. However, you can only conduct enquiries with forensic thoroughness if you consult experienced lawyers who can demonstrate attention to detail.

Our lawyers at CTI are time-tested and have decades of experience advising employers in workplace investigations. We thoroughly assess the complaints of employees and see whether they hold water. After a thorough investigation, our lawyers implement effective strategies that not only save your business reputation but also bar the employees from misusing their legal rights.

Our highly-qualified lawyers can conveniently sort out:

  • Workplace enquiries
  • Disputes of threats and bullying
  • Health and safety issues
  • Matters related to training and discrimination rights.

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