Despite all the media hype about “wage theft”, several employers in Australia still underpay their employees and infringe upon their rights. This practice not only shatters the employees’ self-esteem, but it also increases their financial burden. However, you can do away with this injustice if you are aware of your legal rights.

We at CTI lawyers not only familiarize you with your workplace rights, but we can also fight your case in the court of law to shift the outcomes in your favour. With deep roots in workplace law management, our knowledgeable team of lawyers combines expertise, experience, and knowledge in one place, making it easy for you to take action against such employers and claim your wage. Moreover, we also help you leverage the potential of the Fair Work Act 2009 so that you can strengthen your position in the court of law.

Our professional pack of lawyers can:

  • Provide you with clear advice about your entitlements.
  • Help you to calculate the quantum of your underpayments claim (in other words, how much you are owed).
  • Send a letter of demand to your current or former employer.
  • Attempt to negotiate a settlement without issuing court proceedings, to minimize costs.
  • If your employer is unwilling to negotiate, we can issue court proceedings to recover the amount owed to you.

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