General Protection/ Unfair Dismissal

General protections refer to a series of terms in the Fair Work Act 2009 that are aimed at protecting your workplace rights and ensuring your freedom. If you’ve ever been subjected to unfair treatment by your employers, you can use these terms to your advantage to settle the dispute. Similarly, you can also protect yourself from unfair/unreasonable dismissal if you have solid know-how of the Fair Work Act 2009.

If your employer has dismissed you unfairly or is doing something that is against the code of conduct, you should immediately come to us for redressal. Our lawyers at CTI are competent professionals and go the extra mile to save you from losing your job. And if you somehow have lost your job due to the mistreatment of your employer, we will fight for you in the court of law to either compensate for your loss or restore your position.  Over the years, we have won hundreds of cases against such employers and therefore, would go all out to win yours too.

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