Enterprise Agreements are agreements that are made at the workplace level and that provide for terms and conditions for employees to whom the agreement applies. In essence, an enterprise bargaining agreement is like an employment contract that applies to all of the employees at a particular workplace.

An enterprise agreement can have terms that are ancillary or supplementary to the National Employment Standards but they cannot dilute or alter the national employment standards. An enterprise agreement can alter the terms of a modern award, provided you are better off overall as compared to the award.

There are several rules in relation to enterprise agreements, the first being that enterprise agreement can only be about matters that relate to the relationship between an employer and the employees covered and to ancillary issues as to how the agreement will operate.

We can provide advice in relation to your rights under an enterprise agreements, or in the making and registering of an enterprise agreement for your business.

Our solicitors can also draft bespoke contracts should they be required.


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