An enterprise agreement is negotiated between an employer and employees and contains the conditions related to wages, leaves, and duration of employment etc. This agreement not only balances the work/life commitment of both parties, but it also helps the businesses keep a solid check on their operational requirements.

At CTI Lawyers, we have cultivated some of the brightest lawyers, each possessing skills to craft result-oriented enterprise agreements that simplify the award provisions and boost workplace productivity. From deciding the terms of salary increment all the way to assigning roles, our hand-vetted lawyers take a birds-eye-view of everything so that your business can benefit from improved talent retention. Not only that, we also help your business comply with the local laws; a basic prerequisite that protects you from unnecessary lawsuits.

So, whether you need help with single enterprise agreements or intend to manage multi-enterprise agreements, our professional lawyers are always standing firm to serve you.

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