Recovering a debt from an influential individual or organization is a daunting job. And when things reach the point of no return, it becomes important to hire a professional legal representative who can claim different kinds of debt and protect your rights.

At CTI lawyers, we make the entire process of debt recovery hassle-free by protecting your commercial interests and advising you on the complexities of the claim. To ensure that our clients could successfully secure the unpaid balances, we have divided our process of debt recovery into three stages, which are as follow:

  1. Letters of Demand 

The Letter of Demand makes it clear to the individuals or organizations that the law will take its due course if they do not pay the debt. It is highly effective and compels the debtor to do something urgently. At CTI Lawyers, we offer this service to the NECA members and take care of everything: from drafting the letter all the way to sending it to a debtor.

  1. Statement of Claim 

If the debt is still not paid, our professional solicitors at CTI lawyers escalate the efforts to pressurize the debtor. Apart from creating the statements of claim, we also resort to several other dispute resolution processes to achieve your desired results.

  1. Security of Payment Legislation 

Invoking the Security of Payment Legislation is the last, and undoubtedly, the most effective approach in dealing with the obstinate debtors. It legally penalizes them and creates consequences that finally result in debt recovery. We at CTI lawyers handle this legislation professionally and offer our services at affordable rates so that the claimant can recover the balances without breaking his/her bank.

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