The lawyers at Construction Trade Industry Lawyers take great pride in the fact that the services they provided to clients at very critical periods in their businesses have been so extremely successful and well received.

Our achievements have been outstanding with almost all claims whether in adjudication or through the Courts being settled or resolved.

Our Debt Recovery Service assisted clients who were able to recover in most situations the full amount of their claim together with interest and costs.

Clients who have taken advantage of the Contract Review services are very satisfied with the outcomes and often use our response schedules in their bargaining/negotiating stage. It is working for them – it can work for you!

Give us a call or make an appointment to come in to see one of the lawyers at Construction Trade Industry Lawyers – we are here to provide assistance, commercial, construction and workplace relations advice and most importantly to make sure your right to be paid is protected – we know your business – we are experts at dealing with the problems.

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Give us a call or make an appointment to come in to see one of the lawyers at CTI Lawyers 02 9021 9699

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Construction Trade Industry Lawyers provides a free Letter of Demand Service. In order to assist us prepare your letter of demand we require you to complete the Claim Form and provide copies of the invoices that have not been paid. Submit Your Claim

This is a quick blurb about the Security of Payment Act that may help you understand it, and use it. Read More