Commercial and Contractual Advice

One of our most common enquiries comes from clients looking for advice with regards to contracts. Before commencing any works, it is best to ensure that a formal written agreement is in place, and everyone knows that, but what form and shape that contract should take remains something that you will want to have your lawyer help with, to protect both yourself and your customer, and make sure everyone’s happy with the outcome.

At CTI lawyers, our solicitors are highly experienced in drafting and reviewing contracts. We can further prepare and negotiate any contracts your business might require for its success.

The following are just some of the contracts that our solicitors at CTI lawyers can assist you with:

  • Terms of Trade;
  • Maintenance and Service Agreements;
  • Commercial Contracts;
  • Subcontractor Agreements;
  • Retention of Title of Agreement;
  • Do and Charge Contracts; and
  • Residential Works Contracts.

Our solicitors can also draft bespoke contracts should they be required.

Free Contract Templates

As part of your membership with NECA, CTI lawyers now has various contract templates available for your businesses use which are free of charge. For standard projects, this is a far more efficient way of getting a contract arranged and signed than relying on your lawyer to draft them up. These are as follows:

Contracts and Fee Schedule
Standard Maintenance Agreement (Service Agreement) Sample Download
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Commercial Contract under $20,000 Sample Download
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Do and Charge Contract Sample Download
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Quotation Contract under $20,000 Sample Download
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Contracts and Fee Schedule
Home Building Contract under $20,000.00 Sample Download
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Standard Conditions of Order Subcontract Agreement under $20,000 Sample Download
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Basic Terms of Trade Sample Download
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Discounted Contract Templates

CTI lawyers can also prepare and provide you the following agreements at discounted rates only available for NECA members.

No. Contract Member Price Non-Member Price
1 Drafting Application for Credit Account with Personal Guarantee and Indemnity Agreement $150 plus GST $250 plus GST
2 Drafting Guarantee and Indemnity (with agreement) $250 plus GST $400 plus GST
3 Drafting detailed Terms and Conditions of Trade to suit company’s needs/structure. $400 plus GST $800 plus GST
Construction Trade Industry Lawyers

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We are here to provide assistance, commercial, construction and workplace relations advice and most importantly to make sure your rights are protected – we know your business – we are experts at dealing with the problems.

In the absence of a contract or written terms ACTIL can provide advice on:

  • How to enforce your rights
  • How and when payment should be arranged
  • How to prepare a contract

Insolvency issues are encountered we can assist by:

  • Issuing or setting aside creditor statutory demands
  • Commencing or defending winding up proceedings

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