Disputes are inevitable in any kind of construction work. Regardless of how hard you try to streamline the processes, some anomalies will still rear their ugly head. From managing construction contracts and handling underpayments to formalizing enterprise agreements and eliminating building defects, there are several jobs that, if not furnished carefully, can cost you a lot of time and money. However, you don’t have to worry because it is where CTI Lawyers comes in.

At CTI Lawyers, we know that treading the complicated legal path is not a walk in the park. We also know that you need professional lawyers at your end who can negotiate the terms of the agreement, fulfil regulatory guidelines, submit your claims, and solve all kinds of construction disputes professionally. That’s why we are offering the services of our professional lawyers who have their fingers on the pulse of every legal matter and can go all out to give you peace of mind.

We at CTI Lawyers pride ourselves, not just on the quality of our legal work but on our commitment to your success too. We have cultivated some of the most competent lawyers who take the time to understand your unique legal needs and move beyond traditional approaches to resolve disputes. Above all, we tap into the potential of our legal knowledge to ensure that you and your business can win the cases. For legal services that are cost-effective, professional, and sustainable, you can’t beat CTI Lawyers.  

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What people say about us

Thank you, Lauren,

Great effort, we are very pleased on having appointed NECA Legal to assist and guide us in this matter.

Russ H.
New Era

Thanks Marina for your help.

It’s not quite as straight forward as an apprenticeship so I really appreciate your expert advice.

Greg Zietsch Electrical & Data

Many Thanks Marina.

Great customer service, makes being a NECA member worthwhile.

Murray T.
VTI Services

Thanks Marina – You are always so very helpful, it is most appreciated.

Angela N.
Rasaton Group

Can you please pass on my thanks to the team at NECA.

The service has always been outstanding however with the recent COVID19 situation the information and help I have received from NECA has been beyond helpful and I am extremely grateful for the support we have received. Every staff member I have dealt with has gone above and beyond and are always extremely pleasant to talk to.

With all te changes and new grants/schemes etc coming in it has been a very confusing time, and to try to figure out what it all means whilst sitting on hold with FWC/ATO etc, would make it near impossible for me to get anything done.

However with me being able to reach out any time of the day through phone, email or FB and always get an answer, it has just been incredible (special thank you to Marina in NECA Legal as well who has always returned my 100 questions through emails and calls, even through this crazy period!)

Thanks again, we would be lost without NECA.

Laura C.
Sublime Electrical

Thank you for the webinar on Friday it was brilliant – the most informative one I have been in yet about this current crisis.

Bobbi M.
Solar Integrity

Just wanted to share my appreciation to NECA for jumping on this covid stuff quickly and efficiently and I couldn’t feel more looked after as a member during a time like this. 

We don’t often need your advice or support but when we do your team always seem to deliver and provide us with the information and facts we need to feel confident in making business decisions. 

Well done to you and the team, let’s just hope that covid doesn’t affect business and employee’s too much. 

Peter K.
Sterling Fire

Thanks so much for presenting the webinar it was very informative and I have walked away much more informed and clear on what is the most appropriate way to support our team.

Peter G.
Tritech Solutions