If you need assistance with Security of Payment, then you can trust in CTI lawyers to provide the best possible service. CTI lawyers solicitors have extensive experience (one of our solicitors who is an Adjudicator, no less) involving the adjudication of Payment Claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) and the equivalent Acts in Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland.

We’re often called on by clients to provide comprehensive services in this area. Some of the key services that our solicitors are often asked to provide to individuals and businesses are as follows:

  • Telephone assistance on various aspects of Security of Payment legislation – in particular understanding how the Act operates, the benefits and its pitfalls;
  • Preparation of Payment Claims and/or Payment Schedules, Statutory Notices, Adjudication Applications and Adjudication Responses;
  • Managing the Adjudication process;
  • Challenging and setting aside an Adjudication Determination;
  • Enforcing payment of an Adjudication Determination; and
  • Security of Payment training.

As you can see, the services that we supply and comprehensive and tailored to the individual. In unusual circumstances our team also has the creativity and experience to develop unique solutions that benefit the customer.

In addition to the above services, CTI lawyers can also provide a Payment Claim checklist, which is free of charge to NECA members, to assist you in preparing a valid Payment Claim. We find that there’s a lot of misunderstandings out there regarding Payment Claims and Security of Payments legislation, so a critical part of the service that we provide is in helping to address that so that our clients know exactly what is involved, and where they are at in the process.

One other thing to keep in mind: if you think you need advice on the Security of Payments legislation, don’t delay as strict time limits apply!


“Sprint Electrical has had on a number of occasions to require the services of CTI  Collection Service in the last 2 years. Amounts have ranged from $700 to $8k collecting in total $15.5k.  I wish to praise the staff for the thorough and excellent manner in which they ensured we collected our latest Debt of $8K from a small developer in the shortest of time. Due to an inability to pay our invoice by the debtor, CTI  issued a Demand Letter immediately the debt was overdue,  and then advised Sprint Electrical through a “Payment Claim” process under the “Security of Payments Act 1999”. This resulted in Sprint Electrical collecting the Debt without Loss.
Sprint Electrical highly recommends CTI.”

Ray Petty – Sprint Electrical


FREE Payment Claim Checklist - NSW