• Local, District, Supreme & Federal Courts (All State Jurisdictions)
  • CTTT
  • The Fair Work Commission
  • Industrial Relations Commission and Court
  • Our lawyers will attend meetings with builders, project managers and clients.
  • Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitrations
Construction Trade Industry Lawyers

Give us a call or make an appointment to come in to see one of the lawyers at CTI Lawyers 02 9021 9699

we are here to provide assistance, commercial, construction and workplace relations advice and most importantly to make sure your rights are protected – we know your business – we are experts at dealing with the problems.

Burwood Court Agents

Our Lawyers also act as court agents on behalf of other solicitors.
We can act on any civil matter, at any time, at the Burwood Local Court.

Our fees are as follows:
$165.00 plus GST flat fee applies up to a 1 hour duration
$200.00 plus GST per hour for matters exceeding 1 hour

If you are a solicitor that requires a local, experienced and reliable solicitor to represent your client at Court, please contact our CTI Lawyers team on (02) 9744 1099 or email us at law.clerk@neca.asn.au.

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Construction Trade Industry Lawyers provides a free Letter of Demand Service. In order to assist us prepare your letter of demand we require you to complete the Claim Form and provide copies of the invoices that have not been paid. Submit Your Claim

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