Home Building Matters

If you’re working on residential homes, it’s important that you understand your rights, obligations, as well as the regulatory environment that your state government has set in place. Electrical and communication contractors need to get these things right; it’s critical to the health and safety of the home and the people within it, and so if you are working in this space, it is a good idea to find a reliable, expert lawyer that can help you to understand the law and its implications for you and your business. This is an area where CTI lawyers is an expert, and can provide you with leading advice.

Specifically, all electrical and communications contractors conducting residential work in NSW must comply with the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW). CTI lawyers highly experienced legal practitioners are experts on this legislation, with many years and a proven track record in helping clients to interpret and meet the requirements of the legislation. We find that generally, most of the enquiries that come to us from clients regarding the Act, fall into one of three categories:

  • Ensuring your contract complies with the Act
  • Home Warranty Insurance
  • Disciplinary Proceedings

Across all three categories, we will be able to provide you with expert advise on the best steps to take, and how to address you – and your business’ – concerns. We approach all clients as a genuine partner; our goal is to understand your business, and then provide “value-added” advice and guidance, beyond the interpretation of the law, to ensure that you run into no legal concerns (now or into the future) around the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW).

For more information, or if you need to speak to one of the CTI lawyers experts regarding the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW), please contact us today.