Home Building Contracts

One of the most critical services that we offer our clients is assistance around Home Building Contracts. Our team of experts offer a full suite of services in this area – we review and amend contracts and handle disputes should they arise. We also provide contract administration advice with regards to Fair Trading Contracts, MBA Contracts and HIA Contracts.

It’s critical that you speak to your CTI lawyers expert before signing one of these. They’re often one sided in nature and this can have a significant impact on you.

Our goal in looking at any Home Building Contract on your behalf is to maximise your protection, and minimise your risk. These can be very complex contractual agreements, and the nature of them means that there are often disputes. In such an event, your best protection is to ensure that all parties can agree on a contract that is precise and unambiguous in its language, and that everyone involve fully understands what their rights and responsibilities are, to the minute detail, before signing.
We are specialists at fully explaining the details of a Home Building Contract, identifying where wording might be too ambiguous or one-sided, and then providing amendment recommendations on that basis.

In addition, other services that we provide around Home Building Contracts include:
. Advice on, review of and amending HIA, MBA and Fair Trading Contracts to give you better protection and minimise your risk

· Contract Administration advice on HIA, MBA and Fair Trading Contracts
· Advice and assistance in regard to dispute in relation to HIA, MBA and Fair Trading Contracts
· Representation at NCAT and in the Courts in relation to HIA, MBA and Fair Trading Contracts
· Drafting special conditions to protect you in relation to HIA, MBA and Fair Trading Contracts

The goal should always be to have a contract that doesn’t lend itself to dispute, but if such an event occurs, our team is well placed to represent your interests. It’s a good idea to bring us on early in the process, however, so that we can fully understand the contract and the goals behind it before signing. That way, if there is a dispute, we’re already well acquainted with the case.

For more information on Home Building Contracts and how we can help your business minimise its risk exposure with them, please contact us on 02 9186 8164.