Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Sometimes, disputes can’t be resolved between two people or businesses. It’s unfortunate, but at times it can’t be helped. In those circumstances, people will look to lawyers and the legal system to resolve those disputes. When it comes to dispute resolution, CTI lawyers is your best choice. Our team of experts have extensive experience in all facts of dispute resolution, and we will ensure the best possible outcome for you and your business.

Our legal practitioners have extensive experience in court litigation in addition to alternative dispute resolution processes. The nature of dispute resolution is that no two disputes are exactly the same; the cause of the dispute, the impact that it’s having on one or both parties, and the outcomes that both parties would like will vary greatly from one to the next. It’s important that your lawyers not only have a razor-sharp understanding of the respective laws at play, but can also genuinely understand your unique situation, and think creatively to represent your case.

Across our many years of operation, we’ve been asked to assist in a wide range of different forms of dispute resolution. Some of the most common examples that we’ve seen at CTI lawyers(and can assist you with) include:

  • Contract disputes;
  • Security of Payment claims and defences;
  • Product liability;
  • Property and leasing disputes;
  • Employment related disputes;
  • Insolvency;
  • Joint venture, partnership and shareholder disputes; and
  • General business disputes and claims.

As you can see, dispute resolution can indeed take any form, and it’s important that you work with lawyers and a law firm that has the encyclopaedic knowledge of the law, and the resources to genuinely help with your unique case. At CTI lawyers, our approach to business is to become your partner and advisor, not just another lawyer, and that ideology means that we take the time to really get to know you and your business, which in turn results in far better outcomes, based on your business goals. For more information, or to discuss the dispute challenge that you’re facing right now, contact us on 02 9186 8164.