Debt recovery can be an unpleasant and challenging process. Once it gets to the point where it’s clear that the debt won’t be paid as expected, it’s important that you engage with an expert lawyer, who understands and has the proven track record in the successful recovery of debt. CTI lawyers can assist in many ways to help contractors and businesses in matters of debt recovery by providing advice, and representation if also required. Some of the services that we provide in this area are as follows:

Letters of Demand

CTI lawyers provides a free Letter of Demand service for NECA members. This is the first step, and generally the most effective, in having debt paid. Typically, you won’t need to go any further than this – once an individual or organisation finds that a lawyer has become involved in collecting outstanding debt, they will pay.

This service is inclusive of taking initial instructions, drafting the Letter of Demand, forwarding the Letter of Demand to the debtor and drafting a Final Demand Email which is sent as a follow up to the Letter of Demand if payment is not made.

Statement of Claim, Enforcement and Representation

If the debt is still not paid, and the recovery effort needs to be escalated, our solicitors at CTI lawyers are highly skilled in Court litigation as well as in a range of other alternative dispute resolution processes. Ideally you don’t want to go to court, and our team will work hard to explore all options and ensure that your business achieves the most appropriate and cost-effective result.

Security of Payments Legislation

In our experience the Security of Payments Legislation (where applicable) is usually the most expeditious, cost effective method of collecting outstanding monies. The expert team and CTI lawyers have plenty of experience in this field and can assist in all aspects relating to Security of Payments.

And, because we approach our clients as business partners, and not just transactional business, we understand we’ll often be called on more than once for all debt collection for the typical business. With that in mind, CTI lawyers offers discounted rates for NECA members when commencing and enforcing legal action against their debtors.