Whistleblower Policy – Does Your Company Need to Put One in Place?

A whistleblower is an individual who comes forward and shares his/her knowledge on any wrongdoing which he/she thinks is happening in the whole organisation or in a specific division/department. The following categories of persons may be whistleblowers: an officer or employee (e.g. current and former employees who are permanent, part-time, fixed-term or temporary, interns, secondees, [...]

Statutory Demands

Statutory Demand Fact Sheet – CTI Lawyers What is a Statutory Demand? This is an initiating process in Winding up a Company. A Statutory Demand is a demand made under 459E of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). This document is not issued by the Court. A Statutory Demand requires that the Company pay a specified [...]

Indicators of Insolvency

The Courts frequently need to consider whether or not a company or individual is insolvent and if so, when that insolvency started and when various people should have suspected it. This usually occurs when a liquidator or bankruptcy trustee commences a recovery action. It is also a critical issue for directors of companies when liquidators [...]

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