Gordon has over 22 years experience in advising and acting for employers in the areas of employment law, industrial relations and occupational health and safety. He has a detailed knowledge of termination issues; employee and independent contractor agreements; enterprise bargaining; awards, legislation and other workplace instruments; discrimination and workplace rights; and workplace investigations.

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He Maintains a pro-active interest in keeping up to date with laws affecting the workplace that are constantly changing. For example, the harmonised occupational health and safety laws that commenced in most (but not all) states in January 2012 and the changes to the Fair Work Act 2009, some of which commenced operation on 1 January 2013. Other changes will be implemented throughout 2013.

Termination and Performance Management

  • Gordon has advised and acted for several employers on performance management and termination issues.
  • Notably, he successfully defended an unfair dismissal claim by an employee terminated for acting unsafely and disparaging an employer and for a large Australian employer in defending an unfair dismissal claim by an employee dismissed for sexual harassment.

Bargaining and Dispute Resolution

  • He has drafted and negotiated several enterprise agreements and contracts.
  • On occasion he has obtained orders to stop industrial action that was demonstrated to be unprotected industrial action.
  • Gordon has appeared in several industrial disputes including obtaining demarcation orders and directions to stop industrial action.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Gordon persuaded WorkCover to abandon prosecution of client because of no prospect of success.
  • He has conducted investigations into OH&S events and near misses.
  • He has successfully advocated reduced penalties for several clients.
  • In a significant case, Gordon instructed counsel in a Coroner’s Inquiry into an explosion at Port Kembla.

Workplace Investigations

  • Gordon has conducted several investigations into harassment and bullying complaints for employers in the construction, processing and manufacturing industries.

Workplace Training

  • Gordon has tertiary qualifications in Education.
  • He has conducted several seminars and training courses in employment issues and occupational health and safety.

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